weddingfeaturepicI absolutely love weddings! I consider it an incredible privilege to sing for that special moment when two hearts become one. Of course each couple is unique and I believe that the music that accompanies the wedding ceremony should be just as unique. A string quartet is lovely, but does it mean anything to you? You might have heard a religious hymn at multiple weddings, but is it right for you? Perhaps there is a song that you both love to listen to, or maybe a song was playing when you met and you’ve never forgotten it. Maybe there is one song out there that perfectly sums up your relationship. I am happy to work with you to achieve the right fit for your ceremony.

In keeping with the focussed and sophisticated style of contemporary weddings, I usually perform for ceremonies with just one instrument accompanying, either keyboard or guitar. Of course this is a boutique service and anything is possible with planning, so we can certainly discuss options of string sections, larger bands or even acapella (voice only) setup.

For most wedding ceremonies, there are three important times for customised music: the bridal entry, the register signing and the couple’s exit. My service includes music for each of these moments.

Of course a wedding is more than just the ceremony and we can also provide cocktail/canapes music, dinner music and that all important song for the wedding dance. Here are the range of services you could book:

  • Ceremony (consult, design, perform three songs)
  • Ceremony + 1 set cocktail/lounge (duo or quartet)
  • Ceremony + 1 set cocktail/lounge + 1 set dinner +1 set wedding dance and dancing (quartet) + continued PA hire for one hour to play pre-set i-pod music

It’s worth pointing out that the style of music we provide is within the lounge jazz, swing, cocktail, cabaret genre. Think Norah Jones, Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum – it is easy listening and classy. We don’t play top 40 covers, hard rock or metal … but you could always include that in your i-pod set!

If you want to get in touch, please visit the contact page.

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