Boutique music for precious moments

Ever noticed how hearing live music can stop you in your tracks? In an instant your mood can change or you can be brought into the moment by a melody, a lyric or a voice.

Music helps to mark life’s most precious moments.

Throughout my performing career I have styled and sung meaningful songs for a variety of special occasions and ceremonies.  I have interpreted a diversity of songs from Bob Dylan to Natalie Merchant to The Divinyls to Led Zeppelin often with completely unique and surprising results.  I take a sophisticated approach to your favourite song, keeping the melody, lyrics and intent intact and providing a personalised interpretation for your event.  I have even penned original songs for very special weddings. The result is unique, heartfelt and beautiful live music that brings your family and friends together and creates the perfect atmosphere for your special ceremony. I’m delighted to offer this boutique musical service, tailored perfectly for you and your ceremony.

Here is a sample of my work.


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