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aboutHeartfelt, beautiful, 100% personalised.

Melissa has an outstanding reputation as a high profile artist. Her corporate and government commissions include boutique events for the Queensland Premier, Prime Minister, Brisbane Lord Mayor and many high profile corporate clients. She has been comissioned by the State Library of Queensland and performed at QPAC, Brisbane Powerhouse, City Hall, Southbank Piazza and has appeared at many major performing arts festivals in Australia and internationally. She frequently performs at festivals and venues in the UK during the northern hemisphere summer season.

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“Western’s gorgeous singing voice serves her well” The Australian

“Firstly – thank you so much for being an absolute delight and providing such a beautiful element to the ceremony on Sunday. You were wonderful. The pre-entertainment by the band was just perfect, your National Anthem rendition, Lean on Me! All of it was just perfect for the occasion – and was clearly appreciated by all of the audience as well with their clapping!” Queensland Premier’s Events Department

“Western is not only charismatic and engaging, but she has a warmth in her performance that transcends technique and training to create an onstage presence only very rarely seen.” Musical Theatre Matters Awards [UK]

 “Melissa Western is on fire … it’s mainly about the eyes, the face and the voice.” **** (four stars) The Scotsman

 “Western is absolutely brilliant… Her aptitude for music is vast and versatile … Enthralling vocal talents wowed the audience, and had the ladies at the front hollering and bopping along.” ***** (five stars) ThreeWeeks magazine [UK]

 “Melissa Western is brilliant … attacking the often difficult musical material with verve, musicality and an unexpected vocal talent … A sparkling charisma and an exceptional theatrical and vocal talent make Melissa Western a pleasure to watch.” Arts Hub Review

 “Melissa Western is a sultry singer with an exceptional ability to scat, and her rich, powerful vocals invite the audience to accompany her on her journey.” Kylie Pedler, New Adelaide Theatre Guide

 “Melissa Western is a cabaret singer of the sultry jazz club variety … this olive skinned beauty grew up in Queensland, but has honed her skills in London and New York. Her voice is incredible and she just glows on stage.” Stephanie Glickman, Australian Stage Online

 ‘We were struck by how talented Melissa Western is, she has star quality, a wonderful singing voice and a great personality. She really connected well with the audience.” Village Hall Promoter, West Lindsey, Lincolnshire

 ‘The show was extremely professional and our audience was overwhelmed. The costumes were stunning – fitting the act perfectly. I would truly recommend any village hall to stage their performance – if the possibility ever arises again, our village hall committee would certainly book them again. To quote one elderly gentleman after the show – “It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck”.’ Jean Cawthorne, Village Ventures, Nottinghamshire

 “Whether it be a smooth ballad, traditional jazz favourite, raunchy Latin number or cool blues, Melissa has the vocal capacity to do justice to each. A brilliant singer and great entertainer.” Cheryl Jorgensen, Director, Mackay Entertainment Centre

 ‘An absolute knockout. A wonderful show from beginning to end. Second half the audience was ‘spellbound’. You could hear a pin drop. Amazing.’ Village Hall Promoter, Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire

“Melissa Western’s show Ella, Marilyn, Marlene & Me was wonderful. Her performance was brilliant. Closing my eyes it was as though those famous divas were actually on stage themselves.” Phil Spray, Village Hall Promoter, Lincolnshire

“Western is an appealing performer with a natural rapport with her audience. There’s something very sweet and funny about her” The Scotsman


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